How Big Can Massachusetts Squirrels Get

Boston squirrels are known for their bushy tails and their agile movement. They belong in the family of the Sciuridae that also includes the prairie dog, marmots, and chipmunks. There are at least 200 types of squirrels known to human. They are separated into three categories; the ground squirrel, flying, and the tree squirrels. These species will also differ in size depending on the species. The largest of them can grow up to 1 meter and the smallest will only be about 2.8 inches.

The Average Size of the Boston Squirrel
Because there are different types of squirrels, their size will slightly vary. As we mentioned, the smallest squirrel will be the African Pygmy. The adult can grow at around 2.8-5in and may weigh at only 0.35oz. The biggest would be the Indian Giant squirrel that can weigh at 4lbs. It can grow at a length of 36 inches or 1 meter. Here are some of the squirrels that you will encounter in the US.

Fox Squirrel
The fox squirrel will be found in various parts of the US excluding eastern coast. With regards to the other squirrels in the US, the fox squirrel is the largest. The average length will be about 17-27in. They will usually have 2 colors; one of them will have a darker fur and the other will have a reddish color. Their head are dark while their nose, ears, and feet have a lighter shade. It will be relatively easy to identify them due to their large body frame.

Ground Squirrel
The ground squirrel is a smaller type of squirrel that will dig their burrows in the open area. One known type of ground squirrel would be the white-tailed antelope. They are found in the southwestern section of the US. They can weigh at about 4oz and believe to be the smallest type of squirrel. The ground squirrel can be usually encountered in an agricultural setting but they can also thrive in the urban area.

Flying Squirrel
The southern and the northern-flying squirrel are the only native flying squirrel that you can found in North America. They have a grayish brown fur and their belly will either have white or grey fur depending on the species of the squirrel. The size would be a great way to identify the type of the flying squirrel. The southern-flying squirrel would be smaller in size with a length of 8-10in. On the other hand, the northern-flying squirrel would be about 10-12in.

Grey Squirrel
The grey squirrel is a medium type squirrel that is found in the US. The adult grey squirrel can grow at around 15-20in in terms of length. Their tail will have an additional length of 6-9.5in. They can weigh as much as 1.5lbs. The side and the head of the squirrel will have a hint of yellow-brown shade.

As aforementioned, squirrels can be found in different parts of the country. They can survive in different terrains and settings. They are considered nuisance creature once they invaded our house and cause damages.

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